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what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. i'm dominic urrutia live on campus.... where your san jose state spartans are a top twenty-five football team in the country. ....i'll have a live report. live on your campus. i'll have a live report. some college students could be going to exteem an dangerous methods to study for finals. >> update news stops right now.
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>> from the school of journalism and at san jose state university. you're watching update news. hello and welcome to update news. i'm tayler huffman. thanks for joining us. >> for the first time ever the spar spartons are now 25 of the bcgs ranks. now love on campus with the story. >> reporter: it's been one heck of a season for the spartons. they've had records broken and history rewin and now they can enjoy the first every top ranking for the next few weeks. as they head into the first
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bowl game since 2006. they have made the seemingly impossible become a reality. rising from the issues a few years back to they're first ten win season in 25 years. to go a bowl game and be a top 25 program in the nation. so how did the hard luck spartons compose one of the biggest turn around in they did it with an unknown quarter back. david bails. he fought for his job in the spring and went onto a 4000- yard passer. they did it with know well grgsby, a area jr. captain. a rare junior captain. blind winning their first game ever in the eastern time zone. plus, who can forget a perfect kicker? from the nail biting loss in
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the season openers against stanford to the nail bight shoot out win in the finale it was an unforgettable season for the blue and fold. they ended the year with back to back nationally tv televised wince. the greatst part it's not over yet. now we're getting ready to play in the bowl game. i can't kate wait to find out where we're going so we can have a chance to have our 11th win. >> i called my mom and trend and family and said we were the top 25 team in the nation. you dream about it. you see the stuff on tough and now we're here. it's exciting. >> reporter:. >> and really just winning. i think that was the most exciting thing. it wasn't about my season this year and it wasn't about my stats. it was about winning. >> rankings, what we've all been striving for is to be nationally known and make sure that people know who we are.
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>> reporter: the history coach mac after i lewd was them they have never won 11 games in a single season. their goal is to win the bowl game and stay in the top 25 for a lo a long -- a long time. finals are approaching fast. and a drug that has been gaining popularity with students in recent years helping student prepare better but not without a risk. >> these pills are a precipitation drug usually used by home with who have adad but students who have long study session ace head of them or papers to write use the drug to help give them super focus. one student is student at sjsu has used pill to help him before. >> adder roll was like a real help for me. i would use it for studying, i had a lot of research papers i had to write and i did haven't a lot of time. it allowed me to block out a
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lot of outside factor. >> 34.5% have admitted to use. alderol. >> if they had an undiagnosed cardiac issue and they were to take that drive they can lead to death. there's a mild cases but then can be the eextreme would be and actually to dry this. >> nelson believes students should use other study meths. >> i think if you can plannenings do good sometime management instead. and i imagine if you would look at studies a that actually getting a good night rest would be a better way to go. >> with the pressure of final's nearing and students studying more planning ahead could be the best way to go. there was on attempted robbery on campus last monday at 5:20 in the morning. university police say the assault ao curd between the atm
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building and business department. the suspect approached victim from behind, grabbing his arm and demanding the cell phone. the victim was able to run away but not before the suspect punched him in the chest. reminds students not to travel alone on campus at night. >> we have the escort program available 24 hours a day. awe always have your friend available and we recommend people stay in well lit areas well. >> the suspect describe z an african-american male in his 20s. 4 fetal a medium build. anyone with information should contact university police as soon as possible. for the first time temperatures since proposition 30 passed they have a budget forrum. he answered a lot of questions about prop 30, budget cuts and eliminating classes but not every gotten the answers they were look for. about 100 students, professor,
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and other employees went to the budget forrum to hear what happens next now at this voter have voted to raise taxes to support public education. among in attendance was a third year seoul sociology student. he seek what is most students want. more classes. he addressed panel which included the university president and vice president. he asked if the extra funds from pop 30 will give student what is they need most. >> 27 million-dollar deft deaf sit which is probably going lead to more class cuts, more sections being cut which will further impede students from garage weight on time. >> the president took time to answer many questions. but when asked about classes being safed he couldn't geoff a
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tentative answer. >> hope i will that means there will be more resources and we can hire more. >> the carrera cher this is a hope. >> the reality is he's probably going to be forced to cut more classes because he's not going -- not going to cut any administrative blow or any administration where i believe is one of the main thing this is a should be cut. >> on the subject of measure d which wages minimum twine $10 per hour. he says the university a private institution and not required to pay the min money arkansas mum wage. and still confusion about the stat us of class next semes. >> reporter: many students fear the unknown of the class schedule. >> kind of disappointing
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because they us to rush get to out of here but how can we frush we can't get the classes we need. especially being a transfer student not like i have a lot of variety of classes to take. >> reporter: student advisory is -- sympathic. >> i know there have been some mix ups with scheduling because some of the sections that are scheduled for spring are not the actually ones being offered. apparently they just listed what was done last year and they aren't totality the same. >> several classes are katmandu class times do not exist. student able -- unstable sign up for the classes are scramble for a plan b. >> i would say to students make sure you're checking sjsu regularly and you're still in the classes you thought you were registered for. g talk with professors if you think there's a discrepancy. >> not all students feeling the burden of cut classes.
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this student says she able to get all the class this is a she needs. >> so i am on track because once you make it into the nursing program all of our classes are preselected for us. >> reporter: unfortunately that is not the case for in other majors. however, there's hope for students planning to graduate in june. school officials say they make every effort to accommodate students who need certain classes. on campus, update news. and why the president says there's no still hope for bright future. a one fraternity showing lots of love to voluntary manslaughter hurricane -- hurricane sandy. all coming up next. e ice skating." "the ice skating rink. i've never gone but i've always wanted to go. it looks really fun." >> i feel like our football team is improving. >> i feel impressed. it's good our school know especially being number 25. i mean a lot of people doubt
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us. but being one of the nice ranked school it's good. >> it's cool. >> it feels great. like there's so many people that commute here and it's just gets such a diverse school that's actually rank. ed. >> being a part of football team and being athlete it feels great. you get more respect. you feel like your hard work and hardware you put in an practice at the time and effort plays off. >> it feels good. it's been awhile since our team has been this great and i hope we continue to take it all the way. upon us and with finals coming up -- all that stress could be one of the you're at the cold and flu season is upon us and with the finals coming up all that stress one of the reasons you're at higher risk. >> presentation, sneezes. essays and cuff could have -- cough. add together stress over school
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work students tend to overload themselves with activity this is a don't involve their own classes. >> i do a lot. so i'm like always stressed out and working and i'm doing school and extra curriculars with my soriority so i don't get as much sleep as i need. and when you're stressing out and all that your immune system is weaker so people living in the dorms are in close proximity. so if my roommate is sick i'm going get sick too. one doctor grease stress a big factor in makes colds and flus worse. >> it can make people us is september to believe a lot of thing -- i think stress definitely plays a big part in a lot of physical complaints but there's no way for us to prove it. >> cold and flu season
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generally started early september. students are more at risk h they $theylive in the close approximatety. when a student is already sick how can he or she get better fast? >> the main thing is we want feel stay gnome you're sick. particularly if you have a fever and you need to stay home. don't go to work or school and then you should be fever free for at least 24 hours. >> students encourage told take advantage of health center to so they don't have to worry about going to the primary provider. they call for an appointment and get a flu shot for $15. this week san jose state president bake became a professor for the day. he spoke account a the past and future of his native country afghanistan. >> the people who gather the in hall tuesday night learned about rich history of afghanistan. >> this is wasn't gold collections some of you may
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have had a chance to look at collection. >> the professor is one of a handful of afghan professor visiting this semes per. >> the president point and the very much important periods of the history of afghanistan which is to be hones much of the parts were not clear for me before joining this presentation. >> reporter: he end the presentation speaking about the current state of the war torn country. despite all the changes afghan has a proms future. he believes there's a lot for students to learn it from it. >> of course afghanistan is something that has a special meaning for me but i've been a student of history and i think history is so important for student. >> he and his colleagues are heading back to afghanistan december 17th. but he is happy to make the efforts to build an bridge to
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his home. >> the united states one of the main allies of the afghanistan. so it should be one of the most important topics not only for the media and also for the academy constitutions like the universities. >> the second showing for engaged in afghanistan will happen this wednesday and dwight hallened will cover the novel oipum nation. and arts and entertainment. a fun filled week. >> let's get started. the brothers of lamba fatta phi braved the wind to give love to those affected before hurricane sandy. the fraternity members to write letters of hurricane sandy. effort is part of campaign called loves. which stands for letters offering victims extended support. the letters of support just part of it. the frat brothers also
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collecting donations for storm victims. >> we're a national fraternity vanda great majority of our chapters gun in the east coast and are established in the east coast that have been effected. so we're offering these letterer if their families as well as anyone else needling words of encouragemen. the brothers center the letters the donation their east coast chapter. this past week the san jose state and the city honored one of the most famous african- american authors in the world. she has sold wok at martin louisthth luther king there her awards and books were displayed there. and it turns out she has special direction to san jose state. >> she does for us or what she does for the school she offers scholarships to the student and that's where q we're here to -- why we're here to somehow our
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support. >> she has written 19 books and her books have been translated into 37 different languages. >> this season we have been showing stories about budget cuts and the heat the university is taking from lack of finances. the animation department is feeling the same squeeze. but as we report team work loath long ways. >> reporter: beshe graduated this spring send a others turned a class project into something special. she directed a six minute short called a it'll i will lake. based on a through story along with thousands other japanese americans. can. >> i think the story about her would honor her memory. >> it uses a combination of 2d models and 3d effects. but the reception to the film was not. she accepted two awards from the media arts festival. one of which was a tie for best in show. but she was quick to credit the rest of her team for all their
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hard work. >> i feel like so much of this is really their project to be proud of and i hope they are. >> this was the first tie -- time i had ever been a part of group animation project and it was very inspiring to see like the sort of stuff what you ended up with. >> as the animation department trophy case grows is its student body. any one of them would help provide the next great film. >> we're in 60 students and in three class room and two lax and scheduling that many students in that small of space almost impossible. >> she says even though the facilities are not prepared for creating animated short films she she sees how it could benefit students in the long run. >> i think it it would be really good for giving people
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the taste of what it's going to be like and work in studios. a little something to help them hit the ground running. >> the team has already one five awards but they're setting their sites even higher. fill system starting to make its rounds. upnext is creative awords in january tully lake has will be been selected. and disappointed after cancels of his fairwell concert. the fernandez is calling it a career. 72-year-old fernandez roared more than 508 albums and sold 65 million copies worldwide. he won. latin grammies. the singer decided to cancel the rest of his fairwell tour after discovered a lump on his liver. p it turned out not to be
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cancerous. fans got their money back but didn't believe the shingler not perform can be singer will not -- shingler not perform in concert get. >> i thought maybe it wasn't real but his health is really bad so of course that wasn't going to happen. >> for now fernandez is the s at gnome -- home in mexico recovering are surge i will. >> tt's it for a and e back to you. >> sports is next. >> and the sparton football team is nationally ranked but the will the head coach stick around in here what he says in and about but first we asked students they're favorite part of san jose tradition. >> i love christmas in the park. because it's just so much fun. i've been going there sin i was a kid. i was born and raised here so i would go like every year almost. and i always enjoyed the ice skating. >> the ice skating rink.
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i never gone but it always looked like fun. >> in the park. spending time with family. i really like the downtown ice skatings. i like they have an amusement park type deal. so it's more family oriented. >> i've never been. it's my first time being in san hoe sea so i'm not sure yet -- jose so i'm not sure yet. >> i locule the -- ever -- like all the people and the all displace >> the ice skating and probably the caramel popcorn. pager garcia here where me czarton athletics. i hear it's a big week. and headed to a bowl game there's a lot of focus on mc
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mcten tire work z his magic. >> after victory of louisiana tech, coach mike mcken tire saverred the moment. >> kind of speechless. >> at his weekly news conference meck ken tire deadlined o comment when dime reports top football schools were recruiting him. >> all i'm worried about the bowl game. >> he believed his player will to work harder than everyone else. >> when you achieve something that nobody believes you can do but those guys and they put the work in and they do it and they see the building blocks and they see the hard work and perseverance and all the effort and understand what it takes.
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>> i think just intensity his work ethic he brought every day. we know if they're willing to put on the work for us we know we better follow suit. >> he says everything he really means and he's the same person every day. he keeps you fews can. focused. >> the success doesn't stop now. coach mac say he's excited to send his seniors off with a bowl game. >> stay hard believing the dream. they started believing it and the way we bounce back at the utah state game. i thought was foam phenomenal in how we kept battling and it was exciting season for us. it really was. >> fans are rushing the field at sparton stadium. as the -- they have won the
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10th game. in san jose. >> yes the football steam excited about the season and upcoming bowl appearance. >> thank you. and i am here with offensive tackle david barry and it's just been announced headed to the military bowl. how does feel. >> we found out to this morning. we couldn't more excited. we're going to fly back there. the game is on the 27th. it's a great bowl game. we're just glad to represent our school. and put up a good fight and take care of business back there. >> and i understand that you are a bulls worth trophy final list and you'll take a red eye to arkansas and so tell me about that award. >> well the trophy goes to the player who had a big impact on our team. it's named after brandon bullsworth. an arkansas walk on.
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he died in car accident. this award was put in place to carry on his legacy. i'm honored and humbled to be up for. i'm looking forward to the ceremony on monday. congratulation ons on that aword and congratulations to the rest of first same. >> san jose state has a long list flit sport of boxings but a tragedy inned woks as agnation l collegiate sport. however, it remain has club sport today. >> ilike getting hit and hitting people. >> oscar has boxings for five years. he 2012 title and the third sjsu title to win in the last
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four years. the current sjsu program began in 1999 as a club sport. boxing is not recognize as a ncaa sport. it was been a in 1961 with a boxer knocked out university of wisconsin boxer charm moore during the ncaa boxing championship in 1960. more collapse in his dressing room and fell into a coma. he died later from a brain hemorrhage. >> they found out later on the that he was kind of the catalyst on. according to medical reports more suffered from an anierism and is predisposition. despite the dangers boxers devote themselves to the sports. >> i was always fan but now it's consumed everything. during class i watch youtube videos of the greats and yeah, i'm basically living it right now. i'm just trying to enjoy. the
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>> the boxes club sees itself as a family. >> people are very intimidated to join the boxing club but it's not like to. once you come in every shares love. that's what it comes down to. if you get to knowing these guys, you know, what i mean? we're really nice guys if you get to know us. us individually. we're not very violent people. it just teaches us to be more humble. >> head coach says i boxing will likely never become a ncaa sport again but they look guard to keep training and prepare for future national tournaments. the men's basketball team faced a tough this week. the czartons battle with the jayhawks until the end but fell short losing 70-5. jay hawk center had a h had a monster game. however, the czartons played
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well and showed they could compete and be competitive year. >> nobody should doubt what we do. we're going to do bing big things. for us, we're projected, our coach to go into the tournament. >> the sparton's next home game is december 8th. that's all i got for sports. back to you. >> that'll do for now. be sure to check us out on facebook by searching sjsu update news. and we'll see you again next week for our final show of the semester. thank you for joining us.
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